2014 Niigata basketball tournament

This basketball tournament is held every year, twice a year, and it welcomes ALTs, ex-pats, locals and friends from over 5 prefectures to the pristine countryside of Matsunoyama, Niigata. It started this as a small local tournament to bring people together in this great little town for real grassroots internationalization and has grown into

Eyes for Fukushima would like to thank organizers Matt Headland, Joyce Ogasawara, Mary Collins and surprise guest Cameron Chien, the man who started it all,  for their donation of all proceeds from the Niigata International Basketball Tournament, totaling  115,000 yen. We would also like to thank all of the participants for making it all possible and creating such a fun-filled and meaningful weekend. Special thanks to Joyce & team for using our shirts as their official team jersey and to all of those who purchased a Fukushima t-shirt. Please send us pictures of you wearing the shirts so we can post it on our site/facebook.

The money will be used to build a playground in a coastal region of Fukushima.

Thanks again for your continual support over the last 7 tournaments and 3 years.

Sincerest thanks,

E4F Staff


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  1. Alicia says:


    I am interested in the basketball tournament. Could I please have some more details on this?

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