After ordering, please wait for an e-mail from us to confirm your order and address, etc. If shipping fees apply (international/less than 10 shirts within Japan), we will send a quote of your shipping costs in a separate e-mail after we have confirmed the order is correct. Please wait for this confirmation e-mail with the total amount before send your money via furikomi (Japan) or PayPal (International).

Furikomi Information (available within Japan only) 

At an ATM:

  • Yuucho Bank/Japan Post Bank (ゆうちょう銀行)
  • Branch Name: hachi ni hachi (八二八)
  • Branch Number: 828 (you may not need this)
  • Account Type: Normal savings account
  • Account Number: 2424981
  • Account Name: Eyes for Fukushima (アイズ フォア フクシマ)

At the counter in the Post Office:

  • Number: 18270
  • Account Number: 24249811
  • Account Name: Eyes for Fukushima (アイズ フォア フクシマ)
PayPal Information (International orders) 
  • PayPal account name:
Thank you for your support! If you have any questions please e-mail us at:

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