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On the weekend of July 6th, Eyes for Fukushima(E4F) teamed up with Playgrounds of Hope(PoH) to build the first of three playgrounds around the town of Shinchi-machi. Mike, Neil, and Haruka of PoH provided all the necessary equipment and leadership we needed to complete the organization’s 12th build.

E4F provided the labor by rounding up ALTs from all around Fukushima prefecture. We sanded, painted, hammered, and drilled through rain and shine to bring life to the dilapidated playground in Shinchi-machi.  When we asked Natalie Donohue(ALT, Minamisoma) what she thought of the weekend, she said, ”The teamwork was great, everyone seemed to work well together, and there were no problems or arguments!”

At the end of a grueling second day on the build, we got to see the fruits of our labor when some children came by to check out the new additions to the Shinchi Nursery School playground.  The huge grins on their faces after coming down the brand new slide made us forget about our weary muscles, painful sunburns, and the unhealthy amounts of rust we may or may not have ingested throughout the day.

 Big shout out to the PoH staff for their dedication and great work in the Tohoku area, and best of luck to them on their future builds!  And thank you to all the volunteers who came out and made the new playground at Shinchi Nursery School possible!  Otsukare-sama, everyone!

For more information, check out the Playgrounds of Hope website at:

– E4F Staff


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