On Monday, August 13th, and the start of the Obon holidays, we gathered a few Fukushima ALTs and headed to the Yamakami Community Center in Soma-shi for a fun day in the sun with about 20 local kids.  The day was organized by a group of our good friends that we have worked with on similar projects in the past, the non-profit group, S.O.S.  The leader of S.O.S., Ikeda Sadao, graciously welcomed us to help plan some activities for the kids and to burn off some of our “summer vacation energy”!  After the kids arrived at about 10am, festivities were immediately underway…we started with a fun “dress-up purikura” station where the kids could get dressed in silly costumes and have their picture taken and printed.  Later, representatives from Happy Deli in Tokyo led a demonstration on bread making, a big highlight for many of the kids.  In the afternoon, we all took a little nature hike down to the nearby river…most of the members of S.O.S. are certified lifeguards, hoping to offer kids a chance to enjoy swimming and the outdoors during the hot, Fukushima summer.  Overall, the day was a huge success! All the kids had a great time and all the ALTs were excited and grateful for the opportunity to spend some meaningful time out on the coast! We look forward to working with Team S.O.S. again in the future!

This event was funded in part by Eyes for Fukushima and a special thanks goes out to Sayaka Gammon and Catherine Lefrançois for all their hard work to make this event possible!

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